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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX News  July 26, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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i can't believe it. and now he loves to make the faces into the camera. happy birthday, buddy. i love you. >> and lots of birthday parties here. >> why do you make him push the car out of the driveway? >> i dont n't know. >> see you tomorrow, everyone. what do wildfires out west and turmoil in the mideast have to do with spending more for those illegals flooding into the u. u.s.? some here say that senate democrats are using the crises to help bush billions of tax dollars for their illegal immigration agenda. are they right? hello, everybody, i'm brenda butner, and this is "bulls and bears." gary b. smith, tracy byrnes, jonah max faris and max roach. ok okay. gary b. smith, they call it a $3.1 billion spending bill, but i bet you have another name for
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it. >> yeah, preposterous, brenda. why didn't they throw in the old chestnuts like highway spending, and food stamps, and medicare and education spending, and all of the mom and the apple pie stuff that people would be heart less if they voted against it. i mean, this is politics at the best. what bothers me about it, first of all, each of the bills should be voted on separately. they are all separate issues with separate debates back and forth, but what bothers me more than that is that, hey, it is a billion or $2 billion whatever, and it is other people's money that the government is so good at spending without anyone really having to say. that is preposterous. >> chuck, another name for it? what do you think of it? >> i think that you can't plan for emergencies and things happen. these lazy guys have five or six more days to work before they take a month off, because they have been working hard and trying to group it together. when you are with the fence down
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and the cows and the chickens are out, you have to get them back in. the wildfires have to be addressed and so does the situation overeseas and cow couple it with the border on the children, and america don't turn the back on the children, and once they do that they can walk and chew gum, but sometimes it is hard for the congress. >> well, tracy, we can probably agree with that with congress, but they are using two separate issues to push illegal immigration reform. >> and new jersey girl knows nothing about farm animals, but i am sure that you don't deal with the chicken and the pigs the same way, but it is this, my words the political trickery, and the american people should know that there is nothing in here about immigration reform and we are using the wildfires, the soft spot and how could you vote that down to pass more money through and $2.7 billion for what, we don't know, just to get it through, and again, they are tugging at the heart strings of the american people for their own political game. >> jonas? >> well, are any of these really
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out of the blue emergencies? did a meteor hit? we have wildfires every season in the drought season, and i know it is terrible and the illegal immigration problem has been going on for decades and the middle east has fighting going on that erequires spending for defense contractors and so all of them need emergency spending bills and they all could be tied to revenue models or put it into funds or maybe it is time to put together a disaster fund that has a model like a flood model that you don't have to have this crisis every summer. >> what about that, john? >> well, i'm with the southern friend chuck here, and the example, if you have a manager of a farm and the chickens and the pigs are out, and this guy wants to go to sandals in the caribbean and he does not want to deal with the issue, but grabs some money out of the front pocket and says, here, deal with it, that is what congress is doing. look, all they want to do is to go home for five weeks and go on
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vacation with all of the problems and say that they are saying to the constituents to the speeches, hey, we gave money to israel and dealt with the wildfires and immigration. if i were the president, i would stand at capitol hill, and i would do a press conference until they came back except for the fact that our president would be at a fund-raiser or golfing or vacation himself. so there are no adults in washington, d.c. right now. >> and gary b., some people would say that they are using the wildfires and who can vote against that. and israel, which is certainly in a crisis right now to get illegal immigration reform through. i mean, is that part of the plan here? >> well, this is, yeah, i mean, it is master politics. someone can, someone like chuck can speak to that because he knows it better than i do, but that is what they do, they tug at the heart strings. and hey, it is only a few billion dollars, but what annoys me in addition to this and jonas made this implication, it is just, well, here is some money.
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when i was in corporate america and if i went to say, hey, i need to spend $100,000 on this, and my boss didn't just say, oh, okay, fine. he wanted to know what he would get in ereturn for it. what is the american public going to get in return if they voted through all of the bills in return for this? what is it they will get for the immigration? can anyone say that? no. but the elected officials say, oh, more tax dollars and you don't care you hoi polloi out there. >> well, that is another farm animal, too, i think, chuck. >> well, i would like to separate out immigration reform from the humanitarian crisis that i believe that we have at the border. we passed a law in 2008 unanimously passed by the house and the senate. and again, unanimously passed by the house and the senate and signed by president george bush if children are fleeing for their lives and coming to the country, we have fro s.e.c. -- we have to process them and make sure they are not in harm's way, and then the money for the stand
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alone would move border agents from middle of the country to the border, a nd have more agens to process the children. if they are here and criminal records and adults, sent back, but if they are children fleeing for their lives, they have to be dealt with. >> but tracy, people with a different solution, and mainly a fence to sending them back. >> well, to chuck's point, it is a humanitarian issue, and they should stay until it is finished. i think it is disgraceful to rush to go on vacation. they were elected to doing someand done nothing so stay until it is fix ed. but you know, never in our lifetime will we see it unfortunately. >> john, last word for you? >> they are throwing money at this, and throwing absolutely no plan whatsoever, and no plan for the wildfires in california and no plan for the water shortage in california and no immigration plan whatsoever. look, it is a humanitarian the crisis and that is separate from the border. move our bases of troops down there, and don't just send 1,000 national guards for a few months and say it is fix and we have
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put a band-aid on it. we have been doing that since 1980. we have to fix it, but we won't do it with this worthless congress that we have who want to spend five weeks on vacation than doing the job. >> maybe it is good for them to be on vacation. >> i believe keep them on vacation and it will be better for country. and from part time to no job. and now the latest employment push has cavuto and crew pleaing for everybody's job. that is at the bottom of the hour. and beware, when the doorbell ring, because a big labor blitz may be coming to a neighborhood near you. what a nationwide union is doing now to ensure an election surprise in november.
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a fox news alert. i'm kelly wright. u.s. closing and evac wait iing the embassy in libya.
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they say that in tripoli, it is too dangerous with the rival militias battling each other. so they have moved the ambassador and crew out of tripo tripoli, and they will stay in t the region with no plans to return to full staff. also in the middle east, a 12-hour humanitarian cease-fire is under way with israel and hamas and giving people a chance in gaza to survey the destruction of nearly three weeks of intense fighting, and to stock up on supplies. so far, no new reports of rocket attacks gaiagainst israel. the temporary truce comes after the failure to reach a long term halt to the fighting. there are only a few more hours left in the cease-fire. i'm kelly wright, and now back to "bulls and bears." knock-knock, who's there? big labor. no, this is not a joke. a major teachers union is sending out the army of its members this summer to knock on doors to re-elect liberals this fall and also to win support for
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the big labor agenda. john, you say that we should all take note or should teachers be doing this? >> no, they shouldn't. look, with you have a person showing up at the door and telling you that you are with a political party, you will have them thrown off of the doorstep and then fumigate the house to get rid of the stench. but if you have a third grade teacher showing up from the local school, you will tend to listen to that person and that is what the democrats are trying to do to keep the unions in power, but instead of having the teachers prepare for the next school season, we are ranked now 30th in math out of 65 ranked countries and going lower and the reason we are losing the tech jobs to china is not because of taxes, but tech epg nears. we are failing our kids educationally and though we have great teachers out there, these unions have significantly hurt our education, ourer kids, and they are doing it to stay in power and it is a massive conflict of interest. >> and chuck, what do you think? the teachers are not forced to
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do this. this is an agenda that they ing a gree with. >> let me break this down for you and you have the pens and the paper at home. this is what is going on. in 2010, all of the republic governors got swept into office with the wave of 2010 and the republican governors who wept into office went after the teachers union to beat them at the point so the first thing they tried to do away with the collective bargaining and the limitations and the testing program, and this is repercussions and it is smart politically whether you agree or don't agree with it. everybody on the program, if you had the opportunity to elect your boss, you would. and if you could weigh in to elect your boss you would, and so the bosses and the labor unions and the teachers are trying to elect a democrat to the governor who is more sympathetic to the reasoning when they go to the collective g bargaining table before the legislature. >> and gary b., business as usual? >> i am shocked that i agree with chuck. i think that the strategy is brilliant. look, john, i laid it out.
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if you have someone from a political party knocking on your do door, you throw them out, but fit is a teacher, you invite them in and that is right, you had my kid a couple of years ago, and so, you know, you are right. whoever said it, look, they are on their own time, and they pay the dues to the union and we obviously know what their pr predereliction is, and i don't think it is going to help one iota but if that is how they want to spend the summer, great strategy. >> but tracy, should younger teachers be jumping in on the bandwagon? >> well, i think that they should stay far away from this, because they of all teachers should be demanding tenure pay be abolished and the at the end of the day, john talks about how far behind we are educationally,
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and all of the young teachers coming up through the rank believe that as well. >> and jonah, the unions have spent a lot of money in the past on their own agenda, and what is different about this? they have not always been successful by the way, and that is why all of the republican governors got in. >> no, you can make the case of going national elections is not a great use, but the pay packages are a local thing and wasting the union money, but what better use of the union money, when the goal is to get a good pay packages for the teachers than having them go around and bobby's grades were not so great, and so take a look at that, and look at the people that you want to vote for, and it is very effective and i can't think of anything better to do if the goal is to drive up the compensation package to the beneficiaries which is what it is. >> and john, they are going after the local state elections, and this is not a nationwide push really. they are going after the essentially their bosses. >> yeah, that is exactly what they are doing, and look, we are failing the country, the kids
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educationally. and you have to be able, and look, unions, and these are not bad nor good, but we need the ability to reward the teachers who do a great job and the ability to fire teachers who do a bad job and the problems with the unions, they want massive benefits, but they don't want either. they want everybody the same, and that hurts the education system. >> anded a gary b. i bet that you would say that unions would be either bad or good and you could make a ruling on that. >> well with that, is the irony is that if these teachers looked at history of how unions have affected companies and organizations, it is always the ones in decline and we don't know if you can get rid of the teacher's unions and it is the ones that can compensate them, and it is ossified or forever, and they should realize that tracy made the point, especially the younger teachers should realize that arguing for the competition probably improves their hand over the long term,
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but, you know, listen, they paid the dues and they got to walk the corporate line. >> and tracy, you have three kids at home, and mrs. smith knocks on your door, and what do you tell her? god willing i'm on vacation and not there is what i am hoping. >> and yes, she probably would be. >> yes. >> and exact ly. >> and you know that nobody is going to answer the door in d.c., but i hope that it does not come to that and that they don't do this and they actually get to the classrooms when they are supposed to and preparing for the next year and they start to think about this, because at the end of the day, it is not going to help the cause at all. >> and chuck, i want you to respond to that. >> so here is what is going to happen, and going to page two, off-year election. there are 38 million less people voting in the election than the presidential election, and that means that the democrats are worried because the republicans vote higher in off-year election, and so they are pinging the teachers to the doors to generate something, to generate a vote to have any way to win. and 38 million less people voting in the election, and they
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have to pull out the stops to get people reengaged in the system, because the congressional approval as of today was less than 10%. >> okay. th thank you, guys. can you hear me now to can you see me now? the new phone plan paying you to snoop on you. ♪ your every move ♪ private eyes are watching you ♪ thank ythank you for defendiyour sacrifice. and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote
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coming up, giving up privacy and getting freebies in return. one company is banking on it, but are you buying it? most of us
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putting a price tag on your privacy. now customers can earn freebies for every dollar spent, be now there is a catch. you have to let the company track your every move on the cell phone to help it target advertising. good idea or invasion of your privacy? >> the well, this is so freaky to me. the only people tracking my children is me, and not verizon who i happen to have cell phone service with. it is awful that they can do this and anyone whoing a egrees to it is blowing my mind that they are willing to give freebie s to give up their privacy to get free stuff and it is crazy. >> well, gary b., good or business strategy that you can opt in and out? >> well, it is a great business strategy. verizon wants the data, and i am sure they will use it for evil corporate nefarious means, but that being said, you can opt t out. it is the same way that last week i wanted to use some app or
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somethi something. and they said, oh, you can go to the sign up through your facebook thing. look, i know that they are accessing the facebook information, but i wanted to use the app, so that is the tradeoff and people are free to decide. it is smart of verizon to do it. >> jonah? >> it is brilliant and the future. and for all of the announce of the privacy, you throw in a $10 cable credit and everybody would wire their house with cameras, and the consumers is so annoyed, but they will look at what verizon is doing to give you, points to discounts to buy something and not even a discount off of the verizon bill. it is not much of a benefit. but if it was cash on the plate, people would put chips in their brain to be tracked. i think that consumers are going to do it this way and not infringe on your privacy without volunteering. >> and chuck, you probably have airline miles and all that stuff that you have never used.
7:24 am
>> well, i break it down, that i don't like my girlfriend to know where i am at, but she always seems to find out. i will say that i opted out, and she says i opted in. so the way i look at it is that they are going to know where you are at anyway and it is a tool to cover the backend. now, from the political perspective, and if verizon were to have this data and available to re-sell like google does, a political operative like me would like to know where people are going and where they shop at, because it helps with the communication and to the backend, it is creepy. >> and john, you are only one who understands the tech here, so you can can respond. >> i want to know where chuck is that his girlfriend can't find him. that sounds like a good time. hey, moving to a cave if you don't want to be tracked. people like the facebook and the search engines and you think it is free, it is not. if you don't like it opt out, but you are being tracked, believe me. >> and tracy, that is true. last word for you.
7:25 am
>> yes, i know, i guess that nobody wants to truly admit it. you are admitting it, and you are might as well pull up the shutters and pull off the clothes and let verizon watch. >> woo, okay! maybe that is where chuck is. who knows. [ laughter ] thanks, guys. my thanks to tracy and chuck for joining us. well, the ekconomy downer from visa and the name about to charge up because of it. and carl's, jr. is heating up the airwaves with the latest ad. and even our guys have a hot name to go with it. ♪ ♪ ♪here i am. rock you like a hurricane♪
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economy. >> and you will say, play that ad one more time, right, john? >> well, i have a fat guy named joe who works on my car and i don't know why i am so unlucky. but visa reported earnings decent, but a cost down shift for the year and go with the higher end card like amex that is up. >> and gary b? >> it has to be sadder before i buy. >> and add some paris hilton it to? is. >> yes. >> and jonas? >> on the segment between hall and oates research on my phone, the little bit to be desired which is going to make my feed faster on this show, and the other networks are going to be hurt with the up limited data. and verizon up 10% over the
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year. >> and didn't they sing something like "maneater." >> and jonah is the only guy who admits to listening to hall and oates. >> i am embarrassed for him. >> and admitted it to a national audience. >> neil, take it away. lawmakers are ready to check out while the veterans are waiting for a simple checkup. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto, and with congress packing the bags for the break, the fixes for v.a. have to wait until they come back from the bre break. that is true whether it is delayed care or no care, nobody in washington seems to care. and so now our panel joining us, and charlie gaspirino will be back next week. >> well, whatever it is, five-week recess and nothing resolved and bunch of ideas out there, and hey, let's throw more mo


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